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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bellabox April 2013 Review

Hey dolls! I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged! It has been crazy for me. So busy with work & travelling to Malaysia & Vietnam. Good holidays though! I can't complain! lol

I received my April's Bellabox a couple of days ago & thought to myself, damn I gotta get back to my blogging & updating as well!

So much to share with you guys. Quite abit of beauty products to share & brushes as well. Keep a lookout! :)

Now lets get started!

Today I am gonna be reviewing the Bellabox for April 2013!

Look how pretty the wrapper is with the orange sticker! I've got ideas now on how to be creative with gift wrapping! lol

April 2013 - Beauty Goodness!

Always a brochure listing all the products & the descriptions!

There was a Chocolate Souffle recipe included as well! 

NOW let's move onto the PRODUCTS! :)

Noticed most of the products were BLUE!

(200ml / $13.90)
(500ml / $22.90)

Atoderm Shower Gel has a special formulation that makes it ideal for dry & sensitive skin. It cleanses effectively for all skin types from kiddies to adults. By respecting the skin's natural pH balance and introducing moisture, Atoderm Shower Gel will never dry skin out. Forget about itching, dryness, redness or irritation, look forward to hydrated, supple and increased protection against allergies.

My 1st impression - Bioderma is known for products for sensitive skin esp with the FAMOUS Bioderma Sensibio H20. I never bought anything from this brand so I was kinda excited when I got this! It has a really MILD fragrance. Smells shower fresh. Clear liquid & foams up with water. Left my skin smoooooth.

Starting from 3pcs / $12.95 available at

Too long women have suffered elastic & plastic headbands that pinch, dig & pull our hair! Not to mention unsightly bumps & kinks where we don't want them. Twistband Headbands are made of soft elastic  that keeps your hair out of your eyes, in the most comfortable, chic way you've ever had. Available in a wide variety of colors & styles. Twistband Headbands are so cute, they can easily double as bracelets. Only you have to know they serve a second, all-important purpose.

My 1st impression - I LOVE the color! Bright blue! Love the material as well. Kinda like a shimmery blue. Texture of this is so so soft. I can't explain it. So smooth & smells rubbery though. lol. I am gonna be using it for the gym tmrw & I will update on it! :)

UPDATE - I used it at the gym today to keep the hair away from my face and it stayed put with no kinks!

(15ml / $59.90) available at

The Skin Pharmacy knows serums. With over 20 to pick from for a wide range of skin concerns, they've done their research. Their Collagen Building Serum includes key, natural ingredients that increase one of your skin's most vital components to keep it looking young, fresh & beautiful. Welcome back, elasticity & firmness; it's like you never left!

My 1st impression - Definitely passing this on to my mum. I guess she needs it more than me. LOL. Clear liquid, felt watery & no fragrance at all. 

10pcs of 30ml / $59.90

Zero calories, almost no sugar & providing a highly-concentrated dose of collagen that's delivered by drink, so it can work from the outside in, Hadatuko gives you the gift of perfect, gorgeous, young-looking skin!

My 1st impression - I personally love liquid energy/boost/vitamin drinks as I have a hard time swallowing tablets. I have this stupid phobia of choking. lol. Everyday I do take a liquid vitamin energy drink so this was a PLUS. Tried it & it tastes sooo good. Sweet & tangy at the same time. Had like a berry flavour! Love it. 

60ml / $78 available at

The Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask contains nutrients & rare glacial water to reverse damage to the skin; the result is brighter & youthful looking skin. 

My 1st impression - GEL mask? This is exciting. I never used a gel mask before. I've always used sheet & clay masks. I will be trying it out tmrw as I just used my Boscia's Black Mask last night so don't wanna irritate my skin. Update tmrw!

50ml / $65 available at

Combination skin can be tricky, what with dryness & oil needing to be combated at the same time. 24HR De Beaute Light does just that, keeping your face moisturised, yet matte all day long, for the full 24 hours! A rich, yet light, formula penetrates skin for deep down health & beauty benefits that give credit to the incomparable Nuxe brand.

My 1st impression - This smells so freakin good. Smells more like a plant & oranges as well. Unique fragrance. Milky white emulsion, absorbs so quickly & feels so LIGHT! Skin felt really matte!

I got some GIFT VOUCHERS as well! YAY!
Beauty by Nature

The Skin Pharmacy

Really happy with my products I received for April! Always get excited when there's new products to try! Heehee!

I hope you guys did enjoy reading my blog and if there's any question, ask me!

You can order your own Bellabox for $19.95 monthly!

Have a good day!


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